High-tech craftsmanship

Metaq is regarded as a pioneer of the etching process in Germany. We began production in 1969 with machines we designed ourselves. Ever since then, we have been offering a cost-effective complement to punching technology, especially in the fields of prototype construction and small series production: burr-free, stress-free processing of metal foils and thin plates up to two millimetres in thickness.

Today we offer a wider range of services. Our combination of toolless manufacturing techniques is unique in Europe: depending on the requirements of customers’ projects, we use laser cutting, precision laser cutting, micro water jet cutting, electroforming and the photochemical etching process.  We provide individual high-tech craftsmanship, which puts us among the most attractive leading providers in Europe.

A team of over 50 staff ensures fast implementation of your product concept. We produce a simple washer with just as much care as components for technology that can make the difference between life and death.

We look forward to meeting any challenge you might present us with!